Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to get into strongman

If you are interested in getting into strongman this is the post for you.

When I started strongman it was a little bit more difficult to get into, I was lucky enough to be taking under the wing of a pro strongman, Grant Higa. The steps that I took where as follows: 
1. Seek out a contest 
2. Sign up (I was just going to show up with no training and do my best) 

I suppose that is what it came to around 2006. Now that there is much more interest, there is much more information. The best way to get started (in my opinion) would be to 
1. Sign up for a contest (~12 weeks away)
2. Grab on to an experienced athlete training for that contest 
3. Start learning 

Today there are many ways to go about getting involved in strongman but I do believe one of the most effective sites for strongman networking is Kalle Beck has done a fantastic job compiling contest footage, a list of gyms that are strongman friendly, and training logs from some top athletes (although it is lacking the #1 LW pro ;) ) All and all it is a HUGE advantage to have someone in the community that has worked this hard to bring not only information to the forefront of the community, but availability. It is a beautiful thing to see the sport that you love grow, so I must send a personal thank you out to Kalle for all of his hard work. 

Sidenote: Kalle also co-hosts "American Strongman Radio" 

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