Monday, December 10, 2012

Cutting weight (for a contest)

For those of us that “cut weight” we know it can suck but for those of us who don’t know what “cutting weight” means, let me give you the run down.

            Cutting weight refers to dropping as much weight as possible as close to the weigh ins of the contest as possible and then gaining that weight back before the contest actually starts. This can come in handy for events that favor a heavier individual or for someone who simply can not walk around at the contest weight but it is my strong opinion that it is far better to walk around at contest weight than to “cut” to make weight.

            Now that everyone is on the same page I will go over how I like to cut weight. It is my personal philosophy that cutting weight is something that needs to be done quick and dirty. It needs to take as little time as possible and therefore I NEVER CUT OVER NIGHT. If I am to do a cut I will wake up early and do my cut then, for my last contest that I cut in I woke up at 3am to cut, who cares, all you have to do it cut weight, survive, weigh in, rehydrate, THEN refuel. This means after weigh ins it is FAR more important to drink before eating! I am not sure CAPS LOCK is giving enough emphasis on that so read this paragraph a second time.

            LEAD UP TO THE CUT

I personally water and sodium load. I follow a simple process. We will pretend weigh ins are on a Friday (which is most often the case).

I take the 16 hrs before weigh ins and I don’t consume anything, NO WATER (sometimes I will do a BCAA, this should be mid day thursday). The 24 hrs before that you are on double water and ZERO sodium (mid day Wed-mid day Thursday). 48 hr prior to that I do double water double sodium (Monday- mid day wed). That is really it. Eat how you eat.

Oh it is so fun so I will get right to it!

IMPORTANT- Always have a spotter for cutting,  yes that means someone might see you naked or it might mean someone will see you in your swim trunks, it don’t matter to me how you roll. You will most likely feel faint before the cut is over, don’t drown.

-Make a bath as hot as you can handle.
-Lay in the bath with all but your face under the water, stay in for up to 15 minutes.
-Get out of the bath and sit in the room with the bath in it (hot room) for an equal amount of time that you were in the bath for.
-OPTIONAL-You may spend 5-15 min in a cooler room if you need to cool off but odds are you will feel faint so suck it up and get it over with.
-repeat until down to weight
-Check weight every other round on your “hot room” phase.

Once you make weight you should only be at weight for a few hours MAX, I like to only be at weight for less than an hour. If you cut the night before and stay dry than you are dehydrating your muscles and tendons, ligaments, organs, stuff you don’t want to dehydrate. 

Remember one thing though, you don't have to cut to be good, it is far better to walk around at your competition weight then have to drop water for it. Make sure to subscribe!